We provide consulting services in non-clinical research and development, regulatory registration, pathology, toxicology, and biomedical sciences, to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and other industries, law firms, educational organizations, and other support organizations.

As much as the scope of our services is wide and interdisciplinary, our success has been achieved by focusing on the goal of each assignment, providing cost-effective deliverables in a timely manner.

Our organization can (also see Examples of Assignments Done):

Produce strategies to address the ongoing emergence of issues while, at the same time, facilitate the standard regulatory safety process.

Assess and reduce the time span to reach decisions relative to go/no-go decisions on the continued development of client products.

Write, coach, teach, edit and make presentations in a manner comprehensible to the non-scientific community.

Communicate and network within industry, academia, contract research organizations and government.

Operate an efficient and cost-effective organization.

E-mail: patoximed@westfieldnj.com or zruben@patoximed.com